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Nicolas Sarkozy, Le Pen, and the real story behind the last French Presidential election.
Populism, Prejudice and the Rise of the Extremes.  Tikkun  Magazine :The Network of Spiritual Progressives

Analyzing Arafat's Reaction to 9/11, the Historical Context (or: why we made Islamic fundamentalism a reality, 'cause it didn't have to be that way):

In the buildup to the Iraq War, France cuts loose, and Europe follows:

Europe's Declaration of Independance, Part II:

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Xenophobic National Front leader makes it to the French Presidential final:

In NYC, the aftermath of 9/11 was a little messy at times, and we didn't all get along:

Salon was kind enough to run a link to my 2014 mountain lion article! I've gone full circle:

All my articles (yes, there's more) can be accessed directly through the Salon website:

Op-Eds in Libération on freedom of speech, the housing shortage, and why the French Justice System is bonkers:

More in Tikkun: 

(My friends at Tikkun asked me to comment on the Swiss Minaret ban. Glad to help out)


Et enfin, un petit Rebond dans Libé sur l'Affaire Siné (a Gallic rant, for the lovers of freedom fries):